Ciao Roma!

Authentic in-flight Italian food.

After about 9 hours of plane rides, I arrived in Rome, Italy this afternoon. Our flights all went smoothly. We departed from Philadelphia (PHL) on Wednesday night, and flew through the night into Heathrow (LHR) in London. Although I didn’t get much sleep, the 7 hour flight went by faster than I thought it would have. The in-flight meal of lasagna and cheesecake wasn’t even terrible (although a far cry from the cuisine we will soon be experiencing here).

Curtain wall and structural supports at T5 Heathrow.

We spent 3 1/2 hours in Terminal 5 at LHR, a larger, open airport terminal designed by Richard Rogers. The terminal was a fascinating space and made the layover more enjoyable. We wandered around the terminal, examining various areas of this massive building.

A few hours after watching the sunrise, we hopped on a smaller plane and left for Rome (FCO). Another uneventful trip, we arrived in Rome in the early afternoon. I had printed directions for taking the train and metro from FCO to our residences at Santa Maria in Capella, so after gathering our checked baggage we departed for the train station.

We purchased our tickets and found our train soon after, bound for Trastevere/Roma station. Here, we would transfer to a metro which would bring us close to our final destination, or so we thought. We were unclear as to where the metro stop was located, so we asked a teller at the train station. After telling her were we were going, she informed us that we would be better off walking. We took her advice, and proceeded to walk close to a mile and a half with nearly 100 lbs of luggage each. Rolling luggage over cobblestone streets is not only difficult, but a sure way to alert anyone within a 5 block radius as to the presence of a tourist.

First Rome-cooked meal

We finally made it to our destination, Santa Maria in Capella housing, in the late afternoon. After unpacking, we took a trip to the local grocery store to pick up some food. My roommate and I made veal cutlets with capers, linguine with marinara, and a fresh salad.

Tomorrow we are planning on wandering around before the rest of our classmates arrive in the afternoon. Stay tuned for more images of our housing area!


3 thoughts on “Ciao Roma!

  1. Eric – thank you for sharing this with us. I have been thinking about you and wondering how your trip was going. Have fun and stay safe. Vita

  2. Hi Eric

    Can’t believe you’ve been gone a month already. Hope your snow boarding weekend was a blast. Say Hi to Rick, and Debbie and the girls for us.

    Miss you, love you!!!!!

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