Arrivederci Roma…for now…

Today marks my last day in Rome for the next two weeks. I’ll be leaving tomorrow to spend a week on the Isle of Capri working on an the design of a visitor center and revitalization of an ancient archaeological site on the island. The design workshop is part of an international graduate student program and we will be joining students from around Europe, working in groups on the project. The professor accompanying us has reiterated over and over the fact that this will be an unforgettable trip, and I tend to believe him.

The program ends a week from today, next Saturday, and so begins the second leg of my Spring Break. I’ll be departing Capri for Rome, via Naples, stopping back at home for a quick luggage swap, and 2 hours later I’ll be on a train to Florence. I’m spending the remainder of Saturday, Sunday, and most of Monday in Florence. On Monday evening, I depart from Florence on a train to Venice. Venice, in Italian, is called Venezia, and it’s residents, Venetians. Being from the town of Venetia, PA, it’ll be just like home, right? Time will tell.

I’ll be spending Monday night, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Venice. I’ll then be making my way to the airport for the final part of my break, and my second trip out of Italy since being here: Barcelona. I arrive in Barcelona around noon on Thursday and have an early flight back to Rome on Monday morning, just in time to resume classes.

The second week of my break, Florence, Venice, and Barcelona, I’ll be traveling alone. I’ve never done it before, but I’m confident enough in my navigational abilities that I think I’ll be able to get around just fine. I’ve spent the past week making rough itineraries for each city, and with the help of the internet, Rick Steves, and a few others, I’ve come up with a pretty solid game plan.

I’ll try to update at least once or twice during break, depending on the internet situation. At the very least, I’ll be dumping photos on here as my memory card quickly fills up. Thanks for reading, stay tuned!


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